Our pledge

The Management of Avanza Euskadi hereby states its pledge to establish and develop policies including equal treatment and opportunities for men and women, to promote actions focused on true equality within our Organisation and to foster measures enabling shared responsibility in achieving balanced personal, family and working life. 

In each and every one of the areas of activity developed by this company, from recruitment to promotion, including the wages policy, training, working conditions and work-life balance, Avanza Movilidad Gipuzkoa S.A. assumes the principle of equal opportunities for men and women, with particular attention to indirect discrimination, elimination of the gender gap and of the “glass ceiling”.

Regarding communication, both internal and external, the workforce is informed of all decisions taken, therefore conveying the image of an Organisation in line with the principle of equal opportunities for men and women.

Said principles are put into practice by fostering the equality measures set out in the Avanza Movilidad Gipuzkoa S.A. III Plan on Equality (2021-2025), on which the Organisation is currently working. 

In this III Plan on Equality, an explanation is given of the programmes grouping the numerous strategic and operational goals, as well as the monitoring actions in place to gauge their progress, success and implementation.

Given the activity of Avanza Movilidad Gipuzkoa S.A. and its visibility in providing the public transport of persons on regular services, among others this Organisation expresses its aim to become a driving force as a company dedicated to achieving true equality between men and women in its area and, by extension, in society.

To carry out these objectives, the Organisation has an Equality Team composed of representatives of the Company Management and of the Workers’ Committee.

Avanza Movilidad Gipuzkoa S.A. is recognised by Emakunde/the Basque Institute for Women as a collaborating body in achieving equal opportunities between men and women.

Arrasate-Mondragon, January 2024 

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